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Who Are We?

Farmhouse Getaways is our brand of organic, fully sustainable rural farm stays. Our properties provide experiences that invite guests to leave their hectic life behind, and retreat to a beautiful, clean, eco-friendly property that has entertainment for all ages.


Our mission is to provide a sustainable lifestyle experience and inspire our guests by showing them how easy it is.  Each of the Farmhouse Getaways properties has its own unique qualities, but all adhere to the same sustainable principles, cleanliness, and fun activities.


Some of the things our properties have in common are gardens, higher-end furnishings, and game rooms.


Our ideal clients appreciate nature and might even be interested in adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Wisk away from everyday life and reconnect at a Farmhouse Getaways property.



Hi, I'm Carissa, and i'm delighted to be your host!  I have a passion clean, well manicured properties with first class linens and amenities.


My goal is for you to have an unforgettable experience at all of our properties. 


As a former Marriott Executive, I'm confident that you'll love our clean, organic, and sustainable Farm Stays.  Visit our contact page to get in touch with me with any questions you may have.

IMG_3488 (1).JPG


Growing up in small central Wisconsin farm community gave me a great appreciation for organic, naturally grown food, made by people you know.


One of my many passions is creating memorable stays for every one of our guests.  


Being a tech fanatic in the I.T. industry for over 20 years has allowed me to build our guest experiences, automate our lives, and increase overall guest satisfaction.




I am Legend!  I'm a big helper on the Ranch and at the Mountain with planting, picking and fixing things.


I like to learn from Mom & Dad, but I especially love to play in the sand, dig in the dirt, and splash in the water, and just be an all around good guy!

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